Saturday, July 04, 2009

Quilt Show in Troy, Montana

Happy Fourth of July! As has been the custom for me and Gary this past 7 years or so, we have spent 4th of July on Troy, MT. Every year the people of Troy put on what they call "An Old Fashion 4th of July" celebration. The Tender Loving Quilters' show is the 3rd and the 4th of July each year. Gary and I attend as vendors. What a great time catching up with the warm and friendly people here. As you can imagine, quilting is a popular hobby in this part of the country. The winters are long and cold here! Gary got some shots of the parade this morning, while I was busy straightening our booth and, in the bit of quiet time I had, sewing. It is always fun to see what quilters are doing in different regions. This show had several "French Braid" quilts, and typical for this area, a number of quilts with a northwoods theme.The quilt show is over for this year, and as always, we had a great time. We are packed and loaded up, ready to pull out for St. Maries in the wee hours of the morning. After unloading fabric and goods at the shop tomorrow, we get ready to leave on Monday morning for a trip to southern Oregon & the Bay area of California to visit kids/grandkids and other relatives. Of course, I hope to stretch my legs in a quilt shop or two. I will be sure to let you know.

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