Thursday, July 30, 2009

Luscious Batiks & New Products

Are we in the "dog days"of summer yet? Feels like it here. Very hot days give us a good excuse to go sew. Put a couple lemon or lime wedges in a glass of ice water and head to the sewing room. Be sure to aim a fan straight at your chair. Crank up the tunes, or put a book on CD into the machine and you will while away the hot hours without breaking a sweat.

If you are in need of some inspiration, I just received some very luscious batiks from Princess Mirah Bali Batiks. Don't have a camera handy today, but stop by to see for yourself. We all know that buying fabric from the internet isn't nearly as satisfying as petting it in person first.

We now have a good stock of polyester fiberfill. This past Saturday we had our "Hope You Can Make It For Christmas" class. What fun! This class was on constructing pillows or pillow covers (for sofa or floor pillows you already have.) In honor of "Christmas in July" we made winter pillows with a cheery "Ho, ho, ho" on them. Some of us are making wall hangings with the same motif. Naturally, we also thought of other people that would like our pillows and needed more fiberfill, so, I ordered it, and it is now here.

Seems that no matter what time of year it is, we have to do laundry!

I have recently stocked a couple of items to make that chore easier. In stock is Retayne that stops dye from bleeding, Magic Wand and Grandma's Secret Spot Remover for stubborn spots and Dye Grabber Cloths, which grabs & absorbs loose dye in your wash.

Speaking of laundry--which is only fun if you are washing new fabric--have you tried the Mary Ellen's Best Press spray starch? I have to say I am sold on this product. I only had to try it a few times to see how it smooths fabric, doesn't leave flakes, and makes cutting and piecing on the bias so much easier. I now have smaller bottles of this product, the price is easier on the pocketbook.

Gary and I are heading to Eureka, Montana tomorrow. The quilt show is on Saturday, and I plan on wandering through all the quilts, stopping when I want, and reading all the papers on each one. I don't get to do that when we are vendors at shows. Usually, I only see the quilts on the way to the restroom! We will take photos and I will write my impressions next week.

In Stitches,


Mrs. Sew~n~Sew

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sizzlin' Summer Sunday Sew-In

I just opened an order I received from one of my distributors. It is like Christmas each day when I get those kinds of deliveries. This particular box contained the "goodies" for the bags for each of the participants in the Sizzlin' Summer Sunday Sew-In.
In case you haven't been keeping up with the blog--I am doing a class on August 9 from 1 PM until 9 PM. You choose one of four different projects from my book, Top This! and come prepared to be pampered.
Not only will we have a blast sewing & chatting, we'll also have a fancy catered dinner and a 10 minute neck massage by Lauren Manfull of Bodyworks Therapeutic.
Each person receives a "goodie bag" worth more than the cost of the class! To help you decide I am including a few snapshots of the possible projects.
Remember, feel free to change the suggested colors in your project. You don't have to make it look like mine! For example, I am planning on making another version of the "August Sunshine," only this time, I am making the flower into a daisy, with a yellow center & maybe a light batik or white on cream for the petals. I have a cute fabric with small daisies I could use for the background. Or, how about a purple coneflower, or any color you choose for the flower. You can forget about the checkerboard borders if you want, and use a border stripe. The possibilities are endless.

I have also thought about making "Jack the Runner" without Jack's face. Maybe you could applique a pumpkin vine & a couple leaves, and have a perfect table runner for the whole fall.

Don't forget the Christmas in July fabric sale this Saturday, July 25.
Come on in & see what is happening at Mrs. Sew-n-Sew's!
In Stitches!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Christmas in July

Boy, it is hot out there!

I hate to be the one to remind you, but exactly 5 months from this Saturday is Christmas Day! Yes! Can you believe it?

To celebrate that we still have a bit of lazy summer ahead, but to acknowledge the inevitable, we will be having a bit of Christmas this Saturday.

I will open all the new Christmas fabric and put it out for sale. You can enjoy 20% off previous Christmas collections & Christmas themed books.

This sale is for 1 day only, so mark it--like Christmas--on your calendar.

This Saturday is also another of our "Hope You Can Make it For Christmas" classes. We have had a wonderful time meeting each month and getting through our Christmas lists by making creative, unique gifts for our loved ones. The best part is when December blows in, we will be ready and can enjoy the holiday. No more late night sewing!

Today, Gary and I have been working on making a few videos to post on our updated website.

Honestly, there is absolutely NO chance whatsoever in me getting my own TV program. I crack up with nervousness just trying to introduce myself in front of a camera.

If that isn't enough, I am also preparing for my "Sizzling Summer Sunday Sew-In" on August 9.

I have lined up a:
  • massage therapist
  • prepared a display of the featured quilts that we will be working on
  • and I have made up some kits

Without much advertising at all, I already have half the class full. If you are vacillating about whether or not to sign up, now is decision time!

Flip through your copy of "Top This!" You choose one of the four following patterns:

  1. "Star Crystals"
  2. "Bears in These Woods"
  3. "August Sunshine"
  4. "Jack the Runner"

Kits will be available, but you are welcome to bring your own fabric. There will be goodie bags with a total value of more than you pay for the class. Not to mention the catered dinner and the massage.

Class cost is $40.

Call now to reserve your spot.

In Stitches,

Mrs. Sew~n~Sew

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Quilt Show in Troy, Montana

Happy Fourth of July! As has been the custom for me and Gary this past 7 years or so, we have spent 4th of July on Troy, MT. Every year the people of Troy put on what they call "An Old Fashion 4th of July" celebration. The Tender Loving Quilters' show is the 3rd and the 4th of July each year. Gary and I attend as vendors. What a great time catching up with the warm and friendly people here. As you can imagine, quilting is a popular hobby in this part of the country. The winters are long and cold here! Gary got some shots of the parade this morning, while I was busy straightening our booth and, in the bit of quiet time I had, sewing. It is always fun to see what quilters are doing in different regions. This show had several "French Braid" quilts, and typical for this area, a number of quilts with a northwoods theme.The quilt show is over for this year, and as always, we had a great time. We are packed and loaded up, ready to pull out for St. Maries in the wee hours of the morning. After unloading fabric and goods at the shop tomorrow, we get ready to leave on Monday morning for a trip to southern Oregon & the Bay area of California to visit kids/grandkids and other relatives. Of course, I hope to stretch my legs in a quilt shop or two. I will be sure to let you know.