Saturday, June 27, 2009

Quilt Conversation & Casserole Carrier

Had a terrific class today. Continuing with the "Hope You Can Make it for Christmas" classes that I have created as a monthly "Christmas Club." The idea is to work on making Christmas gifts a little each month, and by December, you just have to wrap and relax! To date we have done a table runner, a purse, pocketed wall hanging, Chef's apron & hat for the guys and today, a casserole carrier and pot holders. I am writing each of the patterns, and having a class helps to test the directions--providing that people actually READ the directions. We laughed about that, too. We all conceded that most of us take a pattern and look at the diagrams and pictures and get started, without reading all the way through, as we know we should.

I'll post more next week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

In stitches,

Mrs. Sew~n~Sew

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TheresaP. said...

I loved the casserole class. I learned the value of reading the instructions first (what fun is that?). Mine was a little bigger then the others ;). I bought a really nice casserole dish to put with it and included a new receipe for my mommy for Christmas. Nona's classes are always full of information and great conversation.