Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A is For Apron, B is for Bag

Have you felt the nip in the air once the sun goes down? And rain--it poured at our house Labor Day. The tops of the cottonwood trees are changing color and kids are back in school, all indications that sewing season is in full swing. Watching kids walk past the shop window with their new backpacks made me wonder if they were learning "A is for Apron, and B is for Bag." That is what I am thinking with all the lovely new fabrics and patterns. Aprons and bags have been especially popular this summer. The "retro" look is definately in fashion, both in fabrics and the design of aprons. Big and "funky" probably best describes some of the bag patterns. Whatever your personal style, we likely have a pattern to suit. For those of you looking ahead to Christmas, aprons and bags make much appreciated gifts.

I hope the majority of you made it to the Valley Piecemakers' Quilt show this past weekend. What a lot of magnificent projects! I wasn't on the Quilt Show committee this year, but I did see a lot of customers and field some phone calls. If you were able to make it to the quilt show, chances are you noticed Barb Mayfield demonstrating her APQS Millennium long arm machine. Want to know a secret? Gary and I are working on the logistics of purchasing one of those machines! It is our hope that within 4-6 weeks we will have one set up and a schedule of classes to teach people how to use it. Gary and I both plan on learning long arm quilting and eventually offering our services, as well as having the machine available to rent here in the shop. Details will be forthcoming, as soon as I know them! In the meantime, let me know if you would be interested in taking a class and learning how to quilt your own projects.

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